Sunday, December 10, 2006

NannDee Greets the World!

As promised, I am blogging about my new found obsession...Crocheting! I love to create beautiful things. It is not just about the finished product, it is more about the process. The labor of love that you experience when you create something. Two of the most important people in my life crochet(ed) Mommy (Yes, I still call her Mommy) and Gramps (Great-Grandmother - deceased). Mommy always used patterns, but Gramps never did. She made those cute little toilet tissue covers and pillows with the Barbie-like dolls in the top. Come to think of it, Gramps only knew a few stitches (sc, dc)....Anyhoo..I still have my toilet tissue cover, sans the dolly.

For the longest time, I only could make a very pretty granny square as an afghan, and folks loved it, but I found that I became bored with it ( I bore easily) and I stopped crocheting. Along comes my Soul Twin CeeCee asking me to teach her how to crochet...awwwww NAW...I marched myself to Walmart, bought a few skeins of Red Heart yarn, a basket and the "I Taught Myself to Crochet" kit for her as a gift. I can be very creative...I lined the basket with some material from some old bedroom curtains, filled it with the yarn and the kit and gave it to her. We were both excited and decided that we should both make something from one of the patterns in the book. I made the hooded baby blanket and she started learning every stitch she could. I learned how to read the patterns and before I knew it.....I was jonesin' for something to make. At first, just baby afghans and then I made an out fit..OMG!!!! It is sooo cute, the picture I have is fuzzy, but it was a joy to make....well I could ramble on for days and days about crocheting...I'M OBSESSED....IS THERE A 12-STEP MEETING SOMEWHERE FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME!...i know i'm not the only one!...Until next time...Strive to be a Woman of Esteem....

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