Saturday, November 03, 2007

NannDee's 1st Open Call for Designers -- Bendels NYC Oct. 29, 2007

This is slideshow of my trip to Bendels' Open Call for designers for the Flagship store. I was encouraged to go by my Muse (who shall remain nameless). She never let me give up and I am glad that I went thru with it. I wasn't expecting anything...I knew that there would be others there that had items that were better than mine. That didn't bother me at all. It was truly an experience and I am planning on returning in April. I was not prepared..I only took my Fabaluss Bag (Original design) and some little pouches. The buyer Michelle liked my bags, but they aren't able to sell them..the bags need to have more structure. My Fabaluss Bag had a little structure, but clearly needed more. Anyhoo...Hubby was wonderfully supported and stood in line with me and helped show my bags to the buyers. I was please that Michelle thought my bags were cute (~.~)

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